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Oliver "Fantasio" Wetter is a Germany based freelance Illustrator, graduated diploma - airbrush designer and digital artist specialized in Cover Illustration and Entertainment Artwork.

In 1993-1996 he started an apprenticeship to become a painter, with success.
From 2001 till 2006 Oliver studied Air Brush design at the Arts-center IBKK in Bochum (Germany), where he was in the masterclass Taught by master Airbrush artist Roland Kuck. Since November 2007 Oliver is graduated diploma - designer.
Oliver has also trained himself to reach a very skilled level of perfection, to create photo realistic, contemporary, figurative, science fiction and fantasy-based digital composings and renderings in Photoshop and various software, his main subjects are often female and figurative.

At the moment, Fantasio is pursuing representation in national or international galleries and in the illustration and fine-art sector.
Inquires are welcomed. The virtuality, to bring together art and design in a harmonical unison, is one of the main - concerns of Fantasio Fine Arts - which is an emerging young artists company in the field of illustration, retouching, photodesign, airbrush-design, digital and traditional fine art and 2d + 3d creature-design.

Olivers' elegant and sophisticated work reflects a strong story-telling and conceptual bent. His work has been used for a variety of projects in book publishing, magazine, editorial, advertising and gaming. He creates a sensual almost ethereal but also disturbing atmosphere at the same time. The output is in every case a thought-provoking rendition.
His work is inspired by many artists, from H. Bosch to H.R. Giger, from Man Ray to D. McKean, G. Brom, J.J. Palencar and J.P. Witkin - so his style of work does vary but also he tries to find a unique way of selfexpression. Special paper-collage techniques, combined with 3d-design, photography and digital postwork does allow him an unrestricted mobile visual expression-potentiality, which carries through to almost every medium and demand.

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