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Србија (Serbie) 

Maria Vilotyevich was born and educated in Belgrade, Serbia.
She graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1996.
After graduation she settled in Toronto, Canada.
Currently, she works as an art instructor and freelance artist in Toronto.
Maria Vilotyevich’s works are in private collections in Canada, US and Europe.

Maria Vilotyevich's paintings are narrative and surreal in nature. They are influenced by René Magritte and the art and poetry of the surrealist era, as well as, Borges’s writings and Jung's psychoanalysis.
Her creative process surrenders to associations and unexpected juxtapositions in order to set in motion the vehicle of poetry.
When creating an image Maria Vilotyevich's focus is on the way images and symbols shift their meaning when put in a different context.
These images are executed in various techniques. Collage, oil on canvas, acrylic and watercolor.

Forming of an image depends on how we re-tell a scene, a work of art, an illustration or a photograph. Maria Vilotyevich believes that mystery, dreams, memory and the world of symbols are the reflective basis of her paintings which exist as a transfer to another space of changed relations.

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