Katya Ulitina
contemporary plastic art - dance frozen on the paper
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Россия (Russie) 

I`m from Russia - fond of cinema, dances, parachute jumping and, as you could have already noticed, drawing. I`ve tried different tools and technics from academy figure to fully computer genereted images created with 3d software. I draw all my meaningly life and i think that it is the most suitable way for me to express my delight of what i see and feel. I like to watch dancers and in my every drawing i want to show dynamic of their plastic moves with a single static "shot" of my pencil. I run for smothness and dynamic of the lines.
No kidding, i found myself in some real trouble, when it comes to naming my paintings - it takes longer to name one then to draw another, so i just give it up. Not sure how exactly my drawing style is called - one of my teachers once called it a "contemporary plastic art - dance frozen on the paper" and i like this, cause it very nicely describes what i`m trying to say.

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