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Art from Outsiders
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Studies of art teaching and sculpture at the school of fine arts in Braunschweig
working at the confederate academy of cultural education, Wolfenbüttel
since 2003
living and working in Berlin

I am engaged in participating art projects, in concept art and art with new media

„Art from Outsiders“. Conception and moderation of this exhibition project in cooperation with „Freie Straffälligen Hilfe Berlin“, an organisation which helps delinquents, Abgeordnetenhaus, Berlin
„Off you go!“ A draft of festivity architecture for the medieval town of Großenhain, a cooperation with the architect Susanne Dallmeyer
„Presence of time“. A draft oflightening architecture for Braunschweig, in cooperation with the architect Normann Wittenberg
„please no sex, no crime, no politics“ - take your own image. A mobile art office ART...ESSENZ N°5, Sony-Centre, Berlin

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