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My name is Shelley Vouga and I was born in 1964 in Neuchâtel in Switzerland.
Fascinated by art in general, I haunted museums from a very young age. The colours, the shapes, the emotions that emerged from them would speak to me, would call to me.
As an adult, I started out in jewellery, precious stones, pearls and intertwined metals, luxury art.
Then I worked in different aspects of sales, all the while in private looking to express my emotions through art.
I started digital art four years ago.
Working in IT, I studied photographic transformation in my free time. Slowly but surely I realised that this was a full art form into which I was transposing my life experience, my doubts and my hopes.
Over the years, I used both the photographic medium and the neutral medium, that is to say, the creation of an image from scratch.
Refining my technique and the use of different filters, I am developing my creativity through this unique, rich and limitless art form.
My hope is that my pictures send those who look at them into their own imaginary world.

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