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Miraldo Sponza was born of Istrian parents at Rovigno d’Istria (Pola on 5th Juli 1945.
Very soon, however, he left his birthplace  to travel, animated by a desire to know, to meet  people  and to undergo new experiences.
After  various  wanderings  he  arrived in  Sicily where  he  finally found a climate and an atmosphere in agreement with his character.
“I found in Sicily – the artist tells us- the proper harmony to express my artistic personality.
Fascinated by the blue sky and white-hot  sun of that country, I began  a  meticulous  work of selftaugt  research . Not happy with my first results I enrolled at an art school in Catania where I had the  opportunity of meeting the invaluable  maestro Mario  Del Vesco, who was in a  manner of speaking, my  firts real  teacher.”
Later  on  he  established  himself in  Switzerland  where  he  continued  his  research into painting.  One  can still find many  of his  canvases in the Canton of San Gallo. Finally  he moved  to Turin  and  thanks  to  the cultural experience and  artistic acquisites  which  he brought  with   him , and  thanks also  to   the  fact  that  he  had  already  acquired  a  fine reputation, he  was  not  long  in  being  accepted  into  artistic  circles  and  in  making many  friends.  He  founded  with  the  painters  Salmoria Walter  and  Tonino  Pesce, Group  C,  and   “The   Shell   Gallery”,  an   association   of  young   artists   united   by friendship  and  love  of  art. 
It  was  here,  in  these  surroundings,  that  were  born  some  of  his  most  beatiful  and most  humane  works.  The  metaphysicalsensorial  current  with  which  he  is  inspired, is  certainly  that  to  which  he  addresses  himself  more  to  explain  the  sea  of  feelings and  emotions  which  boil  within  him.  His  view  of  life,  which  expresses  itself  in  a painting  rich  in  colour  and  images  apparently  serene  is,  in  depth,  a  most  pessimistic view,  almost  as  bad  as  the  poet  Leopardi  would   have  envisaged.
From  the  landscape,  his  attention  spills  over  onto  the  human  figures,  therefore  to Man  seen  in  a  dual  sense,  material  and  spiritual;  he  makes  evident  the  dualism Which  represents  the  constant  drama  of  life.
The  artist,  at  the  moment,  lives  in  Genova-Italy.

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