Silvia Juàrez
currently a housewife, mother and free artist
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México (Mexique) 

1975 Starts to paint under the instruction of her father
1987-1991 Studies Tourism at the College of Applied Sciences “Instituto Politecnico Nacional” in Mexico City
1990-1991 Takes part in a painting course led by José Sirahuen Valdez, a Mexican artist at the College of Applied Sciences. Practises different techniques, such as oil, gauche and charcoal.
1991-1994 Takes part in some collective school exhibitions
1992-1995 Works in a travel agency in Mexico city
1995 Emmigrates to Germany
Stops painting
1996 Marries in Germany
1999-2002 Works in a travel agency in Munich, Germany
2002 Unsuccessfully tries to return to Mexico. Moves back to Munich
2003 Founds an internet group for autodidactic artists called “Arteaficcion”
First child is born
2004 Takes up painting again by doing childrens’ illustrations
2005 Moves to Brandenburg
2006 Finalist in the “International Digital Art Exhibition” in Venado Tuerto, Argentina
Takes part in several virtual ‘online’ exhibitions
2007 Takes part in a virtual exhibition for Latin American artists and in the international exhibition “Mal del Sur” in Argentina
Takes part in a painting workshop in Berlin
Second child is born
2008 Takes part in the virtual exhibition for new artists at Fivars Galleries in Spain
Also take part in the International Charity Exhibition at Artsalud in Terragona, Spain
Silvia Juárez is currently a housewife, mother and free artist

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