Stephen Greek
technical multimedia artist
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USA (États-Unis) 

As a Web2.0 designer and commercial artist, I have supported businesses with CSS templates, logo designs and other marketing products. This would include signage and promotional banners for booths at technical shows, banner ads, and graphic layouts for brochures. My root experience as an artist was founded on designing billboards for the outdoor advertising industry and a desire to make magical illustrations like M.C. Escher. For most of my career I have been self employed as a freelance graphics designer for companies like Lucas Arts, NASA, Ford and NEC Systems Laboratory. I am also a multimedia artist doing 3D digital animations and texturing for video games.
During the eighties I spent ten years at Boeing, I was a technical illustrator and marketing graphic arts assistant.

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an Award:
I was the art director for 'The Widget Workshop'. This educational kid's science computer game won the "Golden Apple" award from the National Educational Media Network for 1996.