Palitha Gunasinghe
wielding the brush to create a wonderful world of watercolours
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ශ්රී ලංකාව (Sri Lanka) 

Palitha Gunasinghe has already built a sound identity with the medium of watercolour. The vital energy that runs through his blood veins is watercolour.  Palitha Gunasinghe was born at Meegahatenna, in the Kalutara District, Sri Lanka.  It was a beautiful village dotted with paddy fields, rubber estates across which row gravel roads, and many a stream and brooklet went dancing down making the surroundings enriched with lush green vegetation.  These surroundings, and the villagers with their simple life style encircled Palitha with a sense of fascination.
Right from his childhood he was an aesthetic minded person who had a flair for creative work.  He contributed to various newspapers and periodicals with articles, short stories, verses, cartoons, etc., which not only got published but also won him many prizes, in competitions.  Talent coupled with dogged determination propelled him forward.  Always he cherished the advice and blessing received from his father, and the backing of his teachers were a strength behind him.
He had received one year training Graphic Designing and Planning in the Netherlands.  He had already won many awards in art  and stamp designing competitions at local and international level.  Six previous exhibitions of paintings and no less 100 stamps of his own designing go to his credit as his accomplishments in the past.
He has an unusual flair for choosing themes and concepts for water colour paintings. He observes his surroundings from a novel perspective.  A few examples, he sees some aesthetic beauty in seemingly insignificant uninteresting objects like a dilapidated building, an ancient rock temple or any place of historical ruins.
Ordinary things that we see in the environment such as fauna and flora, misty mountains, when recreated through his brush evoke lovely feelings in us.  We feel as if we go through the tangible perception of a cool shade of a forest grove and the scorching heat of the high noon sun. The miserable and hopeless existence of the poor folk and the vignettes of their real life always create an idolize experience in us when represented on paper in the form of water colour paintings.
His paintings have a calming effect on the viewer, infusing into him feelings of the beauty that exists in the world we live in.   They also reflect the sympathetic understanding and humane commiseration at the sight of man incessant struggle for existence.  They consistently remind us of our heritage instilling in us a sense of the value of those historical ruins while motivating us to preserve that precious heritage.
Having begun life as a commercial artist, he climbed up the career ladder to become an Art Director in an Advertising Agency.  But he eventually gave up the job so that he would be able to commit himself totally to creative art.  Watercolour is the chosen medium for his dedicated service.  He has already displayed an astounding mastery over the medium.  Currently he is engaging in constructing an art gallery in a beautiful location of Sri lanka,  which is a long felt dream  of his own.  He wish to invite overseas artist who loves to share his dream.

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