Rich. Dethlefsen
listen to your eyes, and make your own decision
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Rich. Dethlefsen born in Esbjerg-Denmark 1956. I have been making different kind of arts for the last 30 years. I have had exhibitions in many different cities all over the world.
I make art because I can´t let it be, something is driving me to do it. I don´t know what, but I love to do it.
My form of expression is something between symbolistic and expressionistic.
My motto is: "listen to your eyes, and make your own decision".
I get my inspiration from everywhere and it comes to me like a flash, even when I sleep I get new ideas. I can also get it from troubleshooting other things, you always get a free win when you are troubleshooting.
As child I was very creative and I was driving my parents crazy during funny things all the time. My curiosity was bigger than my fear and still is.
I just want to have some fun with all kinds of people and from everywhere. Art is an international language, and I love it.

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