Eva Mitala
to combine symbols from the culture of east and west
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Composite cinematographic glances, with references to frames of the latin-amrican cinema, so much as for the form what as for the content. The paintings of Eva Mitala combine symbols from the culture of east and west. The canvas takes the form of a personal diary that records her own perception for the contemporary world. The spectator comes confronted with the Litle Prince, Einstein, women from Latin America, Japanese cartoons (manga) and the logo of a different coca cola. Elements of the contemporary society that concern in the Eastern and western world. In spite of being decorative those pictures are also hiding intense, caustic, social and ironic comment that is revealed with a second reading. Mitala, through excellent artistic technique, having as her materials acrylics, pencils and inks and using collages as a first note, succeeds in transforming the two dimensional surface of the canvas into a vital space.
With images out of the everyday routine, the television, the books, the magazines, the newspapers, the history of painting, the publicity, emphasizes in the plastic forms of art, which give her the possibility to recompose the picture. With respect to the surface(attribute of the art of 20th century),balancing the voids and full, with harmonious mappings out, through the plot of lines, the sizes, the escalation of clean colours and forms that the one enters in the other, all become one.
The internal structure of work, the architectural elements and harmony, even with mathematic calculations, lead to the balance of total. The result is more a composition so much tied up from which no one could remove or add something. Thus, we were left us to travel in the romanticism, the eroticism, the harmony, in pictures luminous that contribute with their way in current pop art.

George Lykoudis
Director/movie translator
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