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Україна (Ukraine) 

I am Konstantin Shiptya, live and work in my home town Sumy on Ukraine. The art creative biography I began in babyhood, when I drew simple pictures on wallpapers, and what distressed parents. These were my first steps in an art. When I grew up, then continued teaching at specialized artistic school, and over the years I got a diploma about artistic education.
  Sometimes life led away me far from drawing, but I returned each time. If I could not create, create the new worlds on papers, then life was grey and cheerless. An artist must not tell about itself – his works talk about him. Alexander Blok sings said: «An artist must show, but not to prove». 
  Now society wants to make out of man is a commodity. To glue on a label on him, limit his acts and ideas within the framework of rules and concepts. To squeeze living free personality in the dry lines of biography, between two dates – birth and death. And while my second date absents – I continue to create the world.
In my painting I want to show life in all its variety – to catch the passing paints of instants and colour of endless stream of time. Want to represent human passions – reckless love and burning hatred, melancholy of loneliness and wild gladness, easy sorrow and unrestrained merriment. 
  In my pictures main character it is Man. He is Alpha and Omega of still human art which he created, which serves him, and which will disappear together with him from the face of earth. And along roads of human life are landscape, marine kinds and clouds are curtain, which hide loneliness of this world. Vincent Van Gogh said: «I want to write people, people and only people, because, there is nothing higher than these bipeds». My artworks are varicoloured pieces mosaics from which I try to collect the intelligible picture of life.
  I do not add itself on any direction in art. In life and in art creation my motto: «Dum spiro, spero» – While I breathe – I hope. These words conduct me over raging ocean of life, where fates of people are little lights in darkness of the universe. 

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