Juri Korolkoff
Kawarga... balancing on the verge of art and horror
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Kawarga is now being busy with the problem of radically leaving of strategic logic and development of his own experience of world of art. By the early painting experience a wish to work with a real material with its specific texture was formed. He transfers this will to his love to the complicated dramaturgy which consists of fantastic reality and brutal dummies, classical painting and bas-relief. Thus, he tries to create the local trending art paradigm, his own history that is part of the Kawarga brand.
Being the permanent state of destruction - creation, the painter periodically leaves the "biomorphic radicalism in the destructive synthesis" that was outlined by himself. That destruction - desire appears in his creation that are very emotional and hysterical. And the will to create is always in his style of project making. The conflict of the emotional world of the painter gives him an ability to combine in his work the subjective and objective suffers that are visible to the onlooker. He places compromise and synthesis, screen and window, human-resemblance and a real man.
Kawarga let the spectator see his works without involving the last into aggressive space of "pogonofores". His techno-barokko pannos imitate a liquide-crystal display that performs life and death of Para biomaterial. In his work the painter uses real materials - glass, plastic and metal. They give work the quality finished art design product.
Kawarga does not fear working with the desires as they are. His nimble mind lets him balance between neurotically infantile theoretical world and hard neoromantic junk - the kiborg-space.

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