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Nederland (Pays-Bas) 

Jan Teunissen (Veldhoven, 1949) lives and works in Best and has since 1983 developed into classical realistic painter.
The continued experiment of topics and resources, and the study of many paintings, and the criticism of his work by some meester-en/of fellow painters is the practice of mainly formed autodidactic painter. In particular, the contacts with the Belgian painter Maarten Boffé have him further skills in mastering the painting technique.
Much admiration is for the painting of the''Dutch and Flemish Masters "from earlier centuries while some contemporary classical realists" are followed with great admiration. Ultimately this resulted in a variety of luggage on traditional methods to come to work, many classical paintings sometimes also a more modern look is not shunned.
In his choice of subjects the painter is not at all by contemporary leyden or other art world as a universal data-accepted standards. Classieficeringen for his work as "oudbollig" and "little house" are not unknown but it still does not touch him. The aim of this artist does not seek recognition in his work with almost endless repetition of certain topics or themes. Improving quality and atmosphere of his works, applied to a variety of issues he regards as an even greater challenge . With this stance raises he may not be a barrier only for himself but he also puts in many respects, moreover, a challenge to the beholder of his work.
Inspiration for his work he put in his immediate environment, the range of beauty is simply very gevarieeerd nature, in each neighborhood to find and inexhaustible in appearance, his assertion. In particular, what made you will not have arisen because of human intervention but time and weather affect their exercise score highly in his perception of beauty. Not only in his work, but also in the interest environment and atmosphere enjoy this aspect, therefore, ample attention of the painter. His works have been exhibited in several places and both national and international found their way.

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