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a combination of Pop Art and Urban Art
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Jasper Scholtes, born in 1977 in Leiderdorp The Netherlands. Now working and living in The United Kingdom (Micklethwaite, Bingley, West Yorkshire). Jasper studied Logistics and had a career in IT and Logistics for about 12 years. At the age of 25 he started to get more interested in design and art and started exploring his artistic talent in 2003. Inspired by dutch action painter (and
rockstar) Herman Brood, who's art has had a huge influence in the dutch modern art scene, Jasper made his first paintings using different techniques including acrylic paint, spray paint and templates. His interest in modern contemparary art grew very quickly and he started to explore another form of modern art in 2007, Pop Art. After a 3 month break in South-Africa in 2008, he decided to move to the United Kingdom and focus solely on his artistic talent.
His latest works are best described as a combination of Pop Art and Urban Art.
Jasper uses computerised art, acrylic paint and large canvesses to create his own image on life. Using his own personal interests in nowadays pop generation makes his work unique and allthough inspired by famous Pop Art painters as Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, David Hockney and many others he created his own style in the Pop Art technique and can be easialy recognised.
All Jasper's work is handmade and not printed!

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