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JOHannaS is creating acrylic paintings of varying sizes, colours, textures and materials. Real life  dream, fictions and facts – an uninterrupted composition of mostly strong colours reflecting her state of mind and her moods.  What is consistent in her painting is that in each artwork she is experimenting with colour, material and motion. Her work is characterized by rigorous attention to formal elements such as colour, shape, balance, depth, composition, and scale; yet, she refuses to consider her paintings solely in these terms. Restrained yet deeply evocative, JOHannaS’ works give the feeling of containing some burning truth, as if they represent the embodiment of long arduous meditation. Her new works “Digital ART painting” are fascinating not only through the choice of colour but also in the expression.
An overwhelming amalgamate of materials from Acryl to varnish and sand on paper to pigment and oil, chalk, canvas or Plexiglas and metal.  JOHannaS is splendid virtuoso in the kingdom of colours and an accomplished master on combining the richness of optical elements. The images and colours are derived from her soul and are inspired by everything she has encountered: from work of the modern American, Russian and European art masters, to the celestial and terrestrial forms around her, to cultures of the exotic lands she has visited. Her style involves contrasting aspects of the simplicity of daily life to the complex elements of international affairs. She breaks the emotions arising from the events down into a dynamic mix of colour and motion. Creating her most intimate feelings in colours, JOHannaS opens her real dream-world without restrictions to the beholder’s interpretation. Hopefully her paintings will convey a felt perception of life, an awareness of the history of art, and a clear expression of her passion.

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