Juan Miceli
I heard the man say “This is monster”
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Argentina (Argentine) 

I am mostly an sculptor, but as in my sculptures I tend to mix medias I also do so in my art life: Then I write, install, perform in my openings and make fotobasura (I take trash-pictures in super low quality, I mean)
I am pretty much interested (in fact I can't help it, so it's more a compulsion than a decission) in questioning the way we think, live, act and construct so I find my own way of doing so by transforming trash into art. This use of trash is a genuine political stand. As South American artist I firmly believe in my poor art manifesto that consists in the using of discarded things exclusively. I am not allowed (by myself, funny thing) to buy anything to construct my hybrid beings. In Argentina, a country in which lots of people are forced to make a living out of trading what they find in the street, I feel that this is my way of facing art: using exclusively trash. This is my very way of fighting.
Last but not least, I am still wondered by this strange animal we are, capable of construct, of using tools, of speaking and with the great power of invent and destroy worlds. During my Hotel Frenesí (Frenzy Hotel) exhibit a couple was looking at my self-portrait called The Motor-Maker made of recycled aluminum, toys, nylon and human teeth. I heard the man say “This is monster”
Then I thought: In way way or another, aren’t we all?

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