Cathy Jeffers
I want to tell a story with my quilts
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I am an art teacher with over 30+ years of working with children, teens and adults.
I always loved art as a child and continued to study to be an art teacher in college. I was first attracted to cut paper and drawing as a child. Today, not only do I make art quilts, I also make beaded dolls, felt and created beaded jewelry. I make art nearly every day and without it I would feel very sad. I also like sculpture and ceramics.

My quilts are often about the people I know, read about or see on the city streets. I want to tell a story with my quilts. The story could be funny, or sad but they are all a moment from the "real story." I use animals in my quilts, often dogs and cats, but I have even made one about an elephant and a llama. I open my heart to you with my art.

The spirit of 11:11 is real.

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