Ilker Yardimci
using metal with a mixed technique
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Türkiye (Turquie) 

He earned his graduate degree from the University of Dokuz Eylül, department of fine arts and sculpture, with the sculpture exhibition which he displayed in the Izmir French Culture Center in 2004. During the same year he was admitted for a postgraduate programme to the Fine arts institude (same university) in the ramification of main art in sculpture. He produced installations and sculptures using metal with a mixed technique. In 2007, he completed the postgraduate programme with a thesis based on “narration possibility with the metal mediums in contemporary sculpture” and with the sculpture exhibition held in the Italian culture center. He is continuing his education with the phd programme in the same university.
During the XXIX. Beijing Olympics 2008, his metal sculpture named “Confusion of prism” was one of the chosen projects to put into practice, from the 50 different other works displayed world wide.. Many of his sculptures have taken place within the special collections of the Izmir Municipality, Söktas Co, HSBC Bank, ERDEMIR Steel Co., Halic University, Dokuz Eylul University, ENKA Schools, Beijing Yi Dong Yuan Sculpture Co.
He is a member of UNESCO A.I.A.P. "L’Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques"

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