Mirel Goldenberg
Art director, illustrator, painter, sculptor
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ישראל (Israël) 

Art director, illustrator, painter, sculptor
For the last 15 years acted as art director and designer of the ELT publishing house University Publishing Projects UPP. For many years now Mirel designs books, magazines and journals; illustrates children books, teaching books of English (ELT), of Hebrew ("Bli Sodot") and of mathematics ("Shvilim") , children magazines ("Pilon", "Koolanu", "Choopar" etc…), magazines ("IDF Journal", "Realites") comics in daily papers ("Yediot Ahronot"), card and board games ("Klafcard", "Mishakei Yitzira"), greetings cards (" Palphot").
Mirel for 10 years also used to teach design and illustration at American Institutes, Graphic School Markovitch and the Art College "Meimad".
He took part in many exhibitions of painting, illustration and comics.
In the last years Mirel also began creating surrealistic sculptures  and art objects from mixed media. In 2001 he exposed some of his works in the Neve Tzedek  gallery "Shloosh Shloshim". On 2002 he took part in the event "The Art of the Nation" in Reading TA. His works are exposed in different Israeli galleries and on virtual sites.
The last exhibitions that he took part in were: "The Second Ceramic Biennale for Israeli Ceramics 2002 " at the  Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv; "Booba" (Doll) at Yad Lebanim, Raanana (2003) and "New Illustrations for Grimm Fables" at Beit Ariela Cultural Center, Tel Aviv (2003), one-man-show "Magic Circus"  at Yad Lebanim, Raanana (2004), "Wonderful creatures", Galeria, Shoeva (2005),"Delires de livres" at  Chartres,  France (2005), "The Clown" at Beit Ariela Cultural Center (2005) and Haifa Museum (2006), "The Public Library Posters" at Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv(2006), "Who is afraid of Mathematics?" at Science Museum Jerusalem (2006), "Games" Yad Lebanim, Raanana (2006), "Mozart 250 years" at Migdal Shalom, Tel Aviv (2006), "Tzahal", Yad Lebanim, Raanana (to come 2009), "Censored Books", Cultural Center, Hadera (to come 2009).
In 2004 Mirel received for his illustrations and design of the mathematic series "Shivilim" (Matah Publishing House) the Hatach.

I live a quiet life in Raanana (a little town in troubled Israel) with my wife and writer Adriana, my two sons (Elad and Teddy) and my dog and

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