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Giuliano Cavallo is not one to be pigeon-holed. His use of medium, color, style, and genre are so varied and wide I would find it remiss to make such an attempt. Charcoal drawings stand in stark contrast to wildly colorful abstracts. Realistic portraiture with life catching detail compliment directive studies into Escher for just one example. Swirling colors create "Colliding Worlds" and gentle pencil shading create bold statements on mood, and the world around.
Indeed the imagination of Cavallo seems unlimited and opens new vistas for the beholder. Subject matter is equally vast as Giuliano captures all he sees in his world. No image is too simple or complex. A browser's delight, the Cavallo Gallery is not a rushed experience. The size and content make for the art lover an extended visit and indeed a place of frequent return. Surprises abound in relationship to Cavallo's choice of subject and medium. He uses all tools in his grasp to capture his subject, and place before his admirers a contemplative work of beauty and thought.

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"Beautiful Soul" Giuliano Cavallo's Princess Dianna inspired "Beautiful Soul" is yet another example of the artist's amazing ability to capture essence with color, line, and placement. The dark background brings the central image to the forefront of the piece, in an illuminating manner. Much like the darker sides which swirled around the Princess highlighter her to the world. Strong lines define sharp character and at the same time suggest an elegance and vulnerability. Cavallo's use of color particularly for me brings "Beautiful Soul" into complete harmony. Adding depth, details, and emotional strength to the piece. Bravo, a brilliant testament to a brilliant person!

Len Rogers
founder of