Mehriban Efendiyeva
mystery of the night
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Azərbaycan (Azerbaïdjan) 

I have enjoyed painting since I opened my eyes wide to this Fantastic World. When I was 5 years old I had an unusual feeling of being close to God, Space, and the Universe. That mystic sense has been the primary inspiration that has allowed my imagination to transfer my feelings from the sub consciousness to the consciousness of a paper. Usually, nice music drives me up and I lose my sense of the reality. I like graphic art, oil and acrylic painting. I love colour and it is my primary tool of expression as I use it to heighten the emotion of the natural world. Also unusual combinations of symbols, figures, and lines are the major characteristics that all my art works have in common. I use colour in abstract, pieces to show balance, transformation and interaction of Artist’s Statement: ignite a powerful internal reaction. Whether the finished piece is a highly realistic depiction, or completely abstract, my style of work is also my point of view. Through my art works, spirit and matter meet. Every little point is imbued with energy, a sense of the mystery and sacredness which I find in Universe around me. I believe in the healing of creativity. It has been proven that art can change one’s psychological state and perception. I greatly hope that people feel what I put into, and through, my art and they are moved to a heightened sense of awareness of this world in which we live.

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