Enrique Crusellas
street photography through an imaginative use of the digital media
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España (Espagne) 

Born in Barcelona where he made his studies of advertising and photography at the “Joaquin Montaner-studio”. Years later he opens his own studio of photography in Madrid. He collaborates with publishing houses like “Espasa-Calpe” in the realization of the books “Monasterys of Spain” and “Theatres of Spain”. Then continues his studies in Madrid and in Switzerland and moves to Morocco where he lives and works for six years. He publishes a book about the country entitled “Morocco: Pride of the tradition”. His images have been exhibited in Morocco, France and Spain. In France he involves in a project of photographing castles at the region of L’Aveyron. He showed his work at Agora Gallery (New York), and Gora-Gallery in Montreal (Canada). Now he live in Switzerland, place where he prepatre the new works.
Working in digital photography, Enrique Crusellas transforms the urban street scene into the surreal. While some of his photographs appear to be directly representational, others are composite images that mix traditional street photography whit the culture pop and a dash of fantasy. In the skies above the world´s greatest metropolises, Crusellas depitcs fighter jets and floating blimps; images of rock and roll icons- The rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin - are overlaid upon images of cityscapes and storefronts. Crusellas´abstraction of space is achivied through a layering of images and a selective use of color - in prymarily black and white images, certain figures or objects are brigthtly tinted in striking contrast to the monochrome background. With a sense of urban chic and a sleekly pop cultural vibe, Crusella's digital photographs offer a unique twist on street photography through an imaginative use of the digital media. A spanish photographer, Crusellas has exhibed his art in Morocco and London.

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