Giovanni De Vincenti
Mediterranean landscape
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Giuseppe De Vincenti, was born in 1954 in Acri (Cs). He studied at the University of  Calabria to bachelor in foreign languages and at the same time he dedicated to painting. Frequent journeys in Italy and abroad, particularly to France, approached him to contemporary painting paths. In 1980 he established in Brescia and began to study  Mediterranean landscape, first theme of his pictorial research.
In these years his painting received acknowledgments from critics: in 1994, at the national painting competition of Suzzara (Mn); in 1996, at the national watercolor competition “Durini Foundation” in Nova Milanese. Again in 1998 one of his works was signalized by the judging committee of “Mondadori Art” Prize and published on the homonymous magazine.
He lives and works in Brescia and maintains constant relationships with his native earth, that became sight and “mental place” for his  whole painting. He participates to personal and collective exhibitions from 1979. De Vincenti's work has been exhibited in galleries around the country, and is represented in private and public collections in Italy and France.

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