Coco Roësch
I only paint when I am inspired to do so
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Suid-Afrika (Afrique du Sud) 

I am South African and been living in France 18 years now. I started sculpting African tribes as I was at that time very much interested and drawn to tribes. I then started painting my "Robots", expressing my feelings about my country, apartheid, and crimes. I then painted African faces, as I wanted to go a step further in my way of painting. And now I am working on Native Indian American tribes, where I try to toutch the spirituality of these beings in my paintings,  sometimes illustrating the experiences I am going through in my own life. On this road I keep an open mind on using new techniques of painting and also symbols of life personal to me  and ofcourse of these tribes. I paint with feeling, I draw and most of the time what I draw never comes out the same on the canvas. Each painting has a meaning special to it, which toutches every souls path during his or her lifetime on earth. I am a very emotional sensitive person and when I paint I liberate myself from emotion long time held and healing takes place. I paint to express my feelings and  at the same time discover myself. I don't always know what will come through but trust that what needs to come through will. I love this journey and enjoy the moments spent with my painting brush. I only paint when I am inspired to do so. So it is not all the time, I go with the flow and listen to my feelings.

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