Mark Cawood
images are unpredictable perhaps even erratic, no one can be sure what affect they will have on the viewer
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United Kingdom (Angleterre) 

Born in Liverpool in 1963 where I remained for ten years as an adult before moving to London. Following a major road traffic accident I returned to full time education in 1994 where I studied Art and Design at Barking Collage achieving a distinction before graduating with an honours degree in Fine Art, specialising in visual communication, at the University of East London in 2,000.
I have since concentrated on theme based projects, largely comprising of conceptual work, covering sensitive issues such as the recent bacterial outbreaks within our food industry including BSE and Salmonella and the subsequent concerns for health and animal welfare. As a member of the Association of Illustration I have supported the charity: Paintings in Hospitals, sold paintings via on-line art agencies, participated in many group and solo exhibitions including The Russell Sheridan Gallery in London, held the final solo exhibition at The Liverpool Academy of Arts in 2007, comprising largely of seascape oil paintings entitled ‘Distance Between Land and Sea’ which convey the contemporary issue of global warming. More recently I have exhibited work at the King St Gallery, Alfreton and The Diamond Club, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

Images are unpredictable perhaps even erratic, no one can be sure what affect they will have on the viewer. The image has the potential power to evoke intense mood and feeling, however only at a price, it must remain comprehensible otherwise all credibility is lost. My series of work entitled 'Distance Between Land and Sea' are a collection of large oil paintings (60x80cm) focusing on current global warming issues, incorporating a unique and perhaps alternative view of seascape artwork set within an environmental theme. In today’s climate many scientists are predicting extreme weather such as heat waves, droughts, tidal waves and floods to occur more frequently around the world. To convey such a message, the seascapes were designed to incorporate strong iconic content.

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