Cristina Casamirra
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Italia (Italie) 

Deep violet and touchable gold, whirling spirals and brilliant, sparkling moons, loping leaves and mysterious roses.
Colours and shapes throwing to faraway suggestions while the jute, the raw material they are fixed on, seems to bring again the mind to the rough reality. In this tension between shape, colour and material, there is all subtle charm of this young artist.

Cristina Casamirra lives and works in Rome, Italy.
Gratuated from High School for Fine Arts, she studied at the European Institut of Design as grafic in advertising.

She cooperates with:

Montenovi for mounting and cordination of the following exihbitions:
- Gli Etruschi
- lanfranco
- Romei e Giubilei
- Novecento
- Tabula Cortonensis
- Pietro e Paolo
- Cleopatra

TELEMONTECARLO for word processing, head-line, opening and closing credits

edizioni III millennio (III Millennium publishing) for design and grafic for CD cover production

She holds her personal paintings show “Orientale”, at the Antigua showroom in Rome Italy
and she takes part in a group exhibition organized
by “Associazione IO” at “Civiltà del Lavoro” building in Rome Italy
She holds her personal paintings show at the “Galileo Restaurant”- Washington, DC
She holds her personal paintings show at the “FABRICA” - Rome Italy

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