Aviva Beigel
I am trying to look inside the human body.
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ישראל (Israël) 

Born and work in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Painting, Sculpture and special hand made Mosaic.
B.A., History of Art, Tel-Aviv University.
Studies- Vitrage, Mosaic.
Tel-Aviv Museum of Art: Art guide and workshops.
Took part in group exhibitions and single shows, for instance at Eretz- Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, CIGE, Beijing, Istanbul Art Fair, Brukenthal National Museum, Romania, Castle Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Art galleries in Israel, New-York, Canada, Germany, Spain and more.

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The pre-occupation with the human character, or actually, with what occurs to us as human beings, in either the physical or the spiritual/emotional aspect, became the central motif in my creations.
The central theme of my works is the Human figure.
It appears in big and small forms, and in different physical states: broken, incomplete, Bound, and in variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, installations, relief and hand made mosaic.
In my late works I am trying to look inside the human body.
Painting on X-ray gives me the ability to peep in… for me it's a world of silence, mystery and danger.