Anki King
I attack the canvas in an unrefined manner
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Norge (Norvège) 

My current work is bold, large and immediate. I attack the canvas in an unrefined manner with large brushes and let the paint spill and drip as I work. Through the physical process of applying paint to canvas I become the creator of a world where I have the tools to search, experience and process.
I am searching for truth, for what is ultimately real. In creating, I peel away the protective layers in my personal self and apply them by brush or knife to the canvas where they become visible parts of a puzzle; independent pieces seeking their own arrangement.
The images appear as I leave behind the need for control and let the action of painting happen to me. Traces of previous layers are left visible as sacrifices are made to create a whole.
As I reap information through success and error, I continue to build further self-knowledge.

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